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Playing for Keeps (Neighbor from Hell #1) - R.L. Mathewson Oh, this was good! Really funny. Loved it.
Sophie & Carter - Chelsea Fine Ah, this book. Sophie and Carter. Carter and Sophie. What a great story! Heartwrenching, funny, heartwarming.
Flawed - Kate Avelynn Review to come. A really great story.
Perfection (Neighbor from Hell #2) - R.L. Mathewson This was hilarious. In need of a good laugh and really wonderful characters? This is one story to read.
Off to read the first book in the series.
Moonglow - Kristen Callihan Wow, that was, fantastic! The romance, danger, romance again, murder..

Will write a longer review soon
All the Broken Pieces - Cindi Madsen Thank you Entangled Publishing for this review copy.

All the Broken Pieces is about a girl, Liv, who wakes up from a coma with no memories of who she is. On top of that, she has two voices, snarky one and one that strives to be good. Sort of the angle and the devil. :) And then her own voice.

I really enjoyed reading Liv's story, see her develop to be this wonderful girl with great ideas and opinions. Choosing not to go with the flow--the popular girls in school. And then there is Spencer, Liv's love interest. And wow. Cute. Seeing their friendship grow to a romantic one was a real treat. Ms Madsen kept me glued to the story, unwrapping the intrigue behind why Spencer was aloof to everyone, and also why Liv had this voices in her head. I LOVED the ending, and glad the decision Liv made in the end.

Looking for the next YA book to read? This is a wonderful story, and I highly recommend it.
Dracian Legacy (Dracian, # 1) - Priya Kanaparti What a wonderful debut! I really enjoyed reading Dracian Legacy. Ren is a wonderful, character with a strong voice. It was great experiencing her world through her eyes.
As soon as Ren's parents die, life as she knows it changes. First she meets Axel, the new guy in school. Only he's more than 'the new ├╝ber-sexy guy' he is one a mission, and his mission is Ren.
Soon, she is tossed into a world she wasn't aware existed, and she finds out she is more than a high school girl.
The action scenes in this story are pretty spectacular. There's romance, gorgeous boys, wonderful friendships.

Can't wait to read the second book in the series.

Rogue Hunter: Inquest

Rogue Hunter: Inquest - Kevis Hendrickson Oh, where to begin? A while back, I read one other book set in this awesome world Kevis has created, and enjoyed it, just like I enjoyed reading 'Inquest'. Wonderful descriptions and action scenes. So visual. I love the characters. Zyra, the heroine in this story, a bounty hunter is quite a character. Under all that toughness, she is complex and sensitive, carries lots of guilt of things she did before she became who she is. It was good to see a soft side of her - especially when she was around Mikaela.
Then there is Skringler. And wow. Talk about a cocky bad guy, and bad to the truest sense. I sort of liked him.. :D couldn't help it. Infact, I'm begining to think he was my favourite, right after Zyra. Anyway.
The end was .... unexpected. Brilliant. Kudos, Kevis. With that kind of ending, I look forward to the next book.

The Violet Fox - Clare C. Marshall LOVED this book! Will review this in a bit
The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz The Angel was much more deep and emotionally charged than The Siren -in a good, dark way. :)

It continues where The Siren left off. Exposes Soren's background, and after learning what I did about him, I sort of understand why he is the way he is. Soren isn't as cold and brutal as I'd thought at first. Yeah, he's Alpha, his blood roars with his Alpharism. But he cares. And he truly loves Elenor.

And then there is Michael. Man oh, I loved his HEA.
Once again, the characters are exceptionally well written with all their flaws.
Now the ending: That was something unexpected, and was torn between smiling and scowling and whooping... too many emotions at once. Good thing The Prince will be out soon.
Colors Like Memories - Meradeth Houston Colors Like Memories is a story which follows Julia's life and switched from present to past.

Julia is a Sary, and such she has a purpose in this world.In the present, her charge is Marcy, a teenage girl dealing with a drunk father, and ridden with guilt. Feels responsible for her mom's death. Her father doesn't help much in regards to easing that guilty.
Julia on the other side is dealing with her own loss, a companion she lost years ago and since then has never felt whole again.
Enter Edison, a Sary. Patient and sweet guy, and has a reason why he keeps hanging around Julia.

Then there is Derek, Julia's companion. I could feel the pain she was going through as she tried to live her life without him. As the memories of what happened to him years ago plagued her mind. From what I learned when the Julia's POV switched to the past, Derek was a wonderful ,sensitive, fun and loving person.

This a great story about healing, learning to forgive oneself. My only issue was the pacing at the begining which felt a bit slow. It picked up close to the middle and everything was super fine.

Sary world looks like an interesting. Hopefully there will be more of this world. I look forward to reading more from the author.

**Thank you Ms Houston for giving me a chance to read and review 'Colors Like Memories'**
The Color of Snow - Brenda Stanley I'd like to thank Tribute Tours for giving me a chance to read this wonderful story.

The title of this book plays a significant part in this story. The beginning starts with "It had snowed over five inches the day I was born, and it wasn't until the day I was saved that the snow was as deep or as blue."

The end: As I stood taking in the view lie a rebirth, I couldn't help but notice the snow. I marveled at how deep it was, how endless it seemed... and how blue."

Absolutely beautiful.

After Sophie is found by the police after 16 years living with her father, she is taken to live with her grandparents. Not only is she gawked at, but there are people who are waiting just to take advantage of her innocence. In the course of the two years she learns to trust her instincts, and learns who to trust.
It was really great to read how the writer alternated different POVs. The main views were Sophie and her father's, but in between sparsed with other characters. Just when I read,thinking I knew what the story was all about, it took a sudden twist left me wondering why I hadn't seen that coming.

Every one of the character thought what they were doing was to protect their loved ones, and like a chain reaction each of those reasons ended up unknowingly hurting them, or other people they cared or didn't care about. It was good to read about Sophie's journey, finally discovering everything about her life. I enjoyed reading about the characters in the story, but the ones who touched my heart most - other than Sophie - was Stephanie, and of course, Sophie's father. Stephanie is a survivor despite what happened to her. Her friendship, advice and encouragment wowed me. So wise for a girl so young. Luke, Sophie's father. He'd lost so much, survived it all despite everything else that stood in his way. I really liked his stubborn nature. I was shocked at his twisted logic about his idea of protecting everyone against his daughter. As I said, lots unexpected turn of events in this great story. Ms Stanley did a good job of creating characters with individual flaws, pasts, and problems just like every other person.

I look forward to read more works from the author.
The Forgiven Duke - Jamie Carie At the end of The Guardian Duke, Alex is on the ship on the way to Iceland with her now fiancee, John. Thing is, she isn't sure if she did the right thing getting engaged to John, because her mind is still centered on the Duke of Easton, Gabriel. At the end of the first book, Gabriel watches as the ship sails away with the woman he has grown to care for. Yeah, that cliffhanger made me want to tear at my hair. But it was a good cliffhanger that made me look forward to this book even more.

Now Alex has arrived in Iceland with her Fiancee, and is off again in search of her parents. As she continues with her search the danger seems to swim around her. On the other side Gabriel who was arrested for disobeying the King's orders in the beginning of this book, is now free and doing investigation of his own, fighting the fact that he is deaf, and worried about Alex, in between he receives letter from her which gives them hope.

Oh my gosh - I can't say how addictive this series is becoming. I love Alex: she is impulsive, brave but I guess that comes from her thinking with her heart more than her mind. She'd do anything to find her parents.

This is a 5 star for me, and I'm holding the third book series in my nads - or kindle. And I promise you it's still as fantastic as the first two.
The Siren - Tiffany Reisz The Siren is not your typical romance story. When I started reading this book, I thought it would be like every other story, boy meets girl, boy and girl tortured by their past, they overcome and live happy ever after.

It wasn't. It was a story so entirely different from anything I have ever read. And I loved it.

The characters weren't perfect. Infact, I loved just how imperfect they were, full of flaws. Couldn't help but fall in love - even those that scared me to pieces. Believe me there were. One especially.

The story: Ah, the story.

Ms Reisz wrote a story so emotional. It breaks your heart at the same time mends it, fulfilling it at the same time feeling as if something is missing. It's been a while since I read writing so beautiful, some of her sentences, her words, I read them twice, thrice. If it was possible, I would glue them in my brain and staple or sew them shut just so they could stay locked in there.

I look forward to reading the second book in this series.

Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry Pushing The Limits is written in two POVs. giving the reader firsthand experience in the main characters inner thoughts and turmoil.

Noah, is a bad boy, but deep inside his is something else entirely. He's got a past so sad it makes you as a reader want to cry for him, and he's been enough foster homes to last a lifetime. One thing keeps him streamlined: His siblings leaving in another foster home. he has dreams, and among them is uniting himself with his family.

Echo is a girl, haunted by her past, one particular event she can barely remember. She doesn't get along with her step mother and blames the things that happened to her family on her. She's also morning the death of his brother.

As the story unfolds, Noah and Echo, who are complete opposites find they have a lot in common. There lives have been touched by death in the family. In each other they find the love and support they both crave, and in a way heal each other.

Pushing The Limits is an emotional book cleverly weaves in themes like forgiveness, letting go and moving on, love. Ms McGarry did a wonderful job with the characters, as well as the side characters, giving them depth, giving us a reason to care about the characters. Each added a different quality in the story. Can't wait to read her next book, hopefully soon.

Joe - H.D. Gordon JOE is written is different POVs. In each one we get to know the characters, their backgrounds and what each one of them is looking forward to in the near future. H.D. Gordon weaves this story so well, and how each of these characters are connected to Joe, the main character, the silver-eyed, raven haired girl who has the ability to see things before they happen.

The author also did a great job of getting into the villain's mind, drawing the kind of emotions appropriate for this type of character. This guy makes other psychopaths one meets on the streets look like amateurs. Very well done.

This story is gripping, emotional and I was eager to know the outcome after all was said and done. So much action, emotions, conflicts packed in a four days.

I felt some descriptions were a bit too long, though, not that it hindered me in any way. Still enjoyed this story alot.

And I loved the ending :) To see a simple girl who doesn't talk much change so many lives was amazing. Hopefully we will be seeing more of Joe. What a loveable character!