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The Color of Snow - Brenda Stanley I'd like to thank Tribute Tours for giving me a chance to read this wonderful story.

The title of this book plays a significant part in this story. The beginning starts with "It had snowed over five inches the day I was born, and it wasn't until the day I was saved that the snow was as deep or as blue."

The end: As I stood taking in the view lie a rebirth, I couldn't help but notice the snow. I marveled at how deep it was, how endless it seemed... and how blue."

Absolutely beautiful.

After Sophie is found by the police after 16 years living with her father, she is taken to live with her grandparents. Not only is she gawked at, but there are people who are waiting just to take advantage of her innocence. In the course of the two years she learns to trust her instincts, and learns who to trust.
It was really great to read how the writer alternated different POVs. The main views were Sophie and her father's, but in between sparsed with other characters. Just when I read,thinking I knew what the story was all about, it took a sudden twist left me wondering why I hadn't seen that coming.

Every one of the character thought what they were doing was to protect their loved ones, and like a chain reaction each of those reasons ended up unknowingly hurting them, or other people they cared or didn't care about. It was good to read about Sophie's journey, finally discovering everything about her life. I enjoyed reading about the characters in the story, but the ones who touched my heart most - other than Sophie - was Stephanie, and of course, Sophie's father. Stephanie is a survivor despite what happened to her. Her friendship, advice and encouragment wowed me. So wise for a girl so young. Luke, Sophie's father. He'd lost so much, survived it all despite everything else that stood in his way. I really liked his stubborn nature. I was shocked at his twisted logic about his idea of protecting everyone against his daughter. As I said, lots unexpected turn of events in this great story. Ms Stanley did a good job of creating characters with individual flaws, pasts, and problems just like every other person.

I look forward to read more works from the author.