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It's been a while...

Oh wow, it's been a while since I posted here on Booklikes. I'm finally getting the hang of using this site. I have to admit it was quite intimidating at first. Plus I haven't had much time to blog on my website as well. 


So what's new...


My upcoming contemporary romance, A Need So Insatiable, releases in 17 days!!! YAY!! I am so very excited to share with you. This story was so much fun, and I'm inlove with each and every one of the characters. I can't wait for you guys to meet Rafael. Intense and fiercely loyal. I will try to log on more often to post. Starting next week, --10 days before release--I'll post teasers until release day.



Here is the description:


“You've owned me from the moment I walked into that music room. You've wrapped yourself in my heart and mind. I can’t get you out. I don’t want to.” ~ Rafael Van Rees

Sophie Fisher’s life is on fire. If she’s not ducking around corners or slipping out of windows to escape the debt collectors her father's death has left knocking on her door, she’s dealing with her rebellious, fifteen-year-old sister, Lilli. And, as if that’s not enough, Rafael Van Rees crashes into her life—literally—bringing with him a past the public has no idea of. Can she unravel his mysteries before he unravels her, or will his presence finally force her to face the demons she's trying to outrun?

Rafael Van Rees, maestro extraordinaire, prides himself on being in control of his destiny, music and women. As far as he is concerned, his past is a black cloud in the distance--until he meets Sophie, that is, and his world spins out of control in more ways than one. He knows the darkest sins and secrets eventually reveal themselves, but when it comes to Sophie, he'll stop at nothing to protect her from his past. Even if it kills him.




Soul Survivor - Michelle  Nicole Soul Survivor is unique Story. It starts off with Hailee meeting with Alex, then realises she is more than what she thought she was. And that Alex is her Guardian angel. On top of that they are falling inlove pretty fast.
I love this concept about Darkness and Light because Hailee is pulled pulled in both directions and is unable to choose between Alex the good Boy-light and Seth the bad Boy -Darkness. But there is more going on than just romance. Hailee has difficult decisions to make. This Story is about finding out who you are, accepting it. Your fate. There were some shifts in tense which kind of bothered me because I had to go back and reread the sentences -but maybe that's just a writer's quirk.
If you are looking for anothe spin on Angels, pick this one up! I really enjoyed it.
Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie Oh dear God! This book was...FANTASTIC! I can't believe I just discovered Jennifer Cruise. It took me years...well, not really...maybe a week or two-- give or take-- to finish this book, 'cause I was savouring the story and characters.

Highly recommended!

Blitzkrieg Love (Crimson Romance)

Blitzkrieg Love - Livia Olteano Blitzkrieg Love is written in Beatrice's POV giving us a view of who she really is. Beatrice is a dancer, traumatised by an event that took her mother away from her. Years later, she still doesn't trust easily, and the only man she trusted is her ex. She gets a job offer in a Club and while scoping it, she meets Antony.

I like Beatrice' character. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Anthony was patient and exactly what Beatrice needed to get over that painful past. And he called her Sparrow. That nickame sealed the deal for me, I fell in love. What bothered me was the way, one minute she was calling Anthony names and for some reason I felt as if she despised him, but the next moment she wanted him. This was a bit weird to me. I liked the supporting characters. Doug was awesome! :) Otherwise, this is a quick, steamy read. If you are looking for a weekend, hot read, I recommend this one.
Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2) - Colleen Hoover Oh wow. Holder. this boy's feelings are so deep I couldn't stop myself from falling In love. I need a nap. I think when I wake up, I'll have enough energy to scoop up my scattered emotions and rearrange them back inside their compartments..what a wonderful story!!
Fixed on You - Laurelin Paige Alayna and Hudson are two flawed characters, both beautifully broken. Their relationship starts as a proposal, and at the end of it they become more than just a means to an end. It was really great to see the walls they built around themselves crumble, and bare their souls to one another.

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the second book in the series.
The Chemistry of Fate - Meradeth Houston I read 'Colors Like Memories' a while back, so I was really excited to read this book.

This companion novel focuses on Tom and Arianna(Ari), this time Ari, who is Sary, has been assigned by the big guys in Sary to watch over Tom and find out what he knows about them.

What Ari doesn't expect, is to like Tom. All Tom wants to do is work hard to earn his scholarship, but along comes Ari. As the story progresses, the two try to fight their feelings, but eventually learn to accept them. We meet other members of the Sary. Some kind, some heartless.

Oh, Tom. He's totally swoonworthy(and he doesn't even know it) works at the animal shelter. Sometimes he's unsure of himself which makes him endearing.

I really liked Ari, and felt sorry for the decisions she had to make.

The Chemistry of Fate is a clean read, with a very sweet, heartbreaking romance and a wonderful HEA for the two characters. I recommend this book.
My Life As A Lumberjack or How I Fell For the Wrong Guy(s) - Sara V. Olds "My pulse quickened to match his, and I realized that love wasn't about the movies. It wasn't about hoots of applause and heart-stopping fireworks. Those were great. Those were fun, but love, this love, my love, was quiet and secret and perfect."

WOW! I'm feeling quite giddy right now after reading this book. Sara V. Olds has just won me over with this YA contemporary.

From the first page, I adored Mercedes aka Benz. She's so funny and quirky and snarky. The fact that she made fun of her height just made her more endearing. (from one short person to another)
Trouble seems to follow her everywhere.

The boys:

Can I just say "Swoon-Worthy" doesn't even begin to describe them?

The romance takes a while to build, but when it does, my oh my! It left my heart beating. It took Mercedes one summer to realise the one person who loves her for she was, was the one person she's known all her life. This is a wonderful friends-to-lovers story, one of my favourite tropes.

"You're mine, Mercedes. I've been waiting a long time for you to be ready and now I'm not going to wait any longer. I'm claiming what's mine." ~ Conor's words when he finally decides to tell Benz how he feels about her.

Er...uh..yeah, where was I? Yep. I adored this book, and highly recommend it.

Subject to Change: 2 (Picturing Perfect) - Alessandra Thomas I LOVED this book. I thought I loved the first book in this series, turns out I loved this one more. Joey and Hawk, well lets just say they are one of the best couples out there (for me). Hawk is a guy trying to survive, be positive and attend classes while taking care of his rebellious sister and his own business. Joey is at crossroads about her choose major at the uni. They meet in a business class. At first glance, Hawk seems like he is the kind of guy who doesn't care much about stuff. A few chapters in the story, one realises he is more than tousled hair and gorgeous smile. He is a guy carrying the world on his shoulders, but doesn't let it pull him down.

I'm really a fan of Ms Thomas HEA endings. This one didn't disappoint.

I highly recommend this book!!

Homecoming  - Cecilia Robert Eep!! The cover is finally here!! I can't wait to share with you Levian and Sera's story. :)



In the meantime, check out http://pinterest.com/ceciliarobert/cloaked-dev-inspiration/ for Cloaked Devices series inspiration.
Tight Knit - Allie Brennan I have to admit when I first saw this book, that cover snagged my attention. Then the title. Yep. I am a knitting addict, so me and Talia got along very well in this book. Sometimes I use knitting a therapy. It helps me calm down to rearrange my thoughts in a more lineal fashion. (My thoughts get to be chaotic at times) Talia did the same as a way to calm down.

So about Tight Knit:

I loved the characters. Talia, who suffers from panic attacks, meets Lachlan *swoon* when he drops by the shop to pick his grandmother - the shop where Talia attends knitting sessions with other ladies (mostly elderly) Ooh I loved this about Talia. Lachlan is this tattooed boy with a troubled past. As much as he tries to resist Talia, he is drawn to her.

Talia is shy, doesn't have many friends -two actually - who end up betraying her. The only other person who manages to keep her sane, is her grandmother. Her parents are rarely at home. I'd say she is the quiet strong-type heroine who knows what she wants in life, and despite everything that has been thrown her way, she manages to rise above it all.

Lachlan - where do I begin? Other than his swoon-worthiness, he is trouble. Some things happened in his past that made it hard for him to trust people. And the only person he trusts, is his grandmother. By the end of the story, he pulls through, even after his losses -which are many, poor boy - he rises above everything, with Talia by his side.

I loved the slow build-up of their relationship. Talia wasn't afraid to speak her mind when it came Lachlan. And what a HEA for these two. I highly recommend Tight Knit. :)

How Many Ways (Truly Madly #1.5)

How Many Ways (Truly Madly #1.5) - Cecilia Robert Teaser from the short story:

"Your mouth, your kiss is addictive and I want this to last. If I kiss you, I'm afraid I might not," he murmured in her ear. "Liese, you have no idea how many ways I've imagined touching you. How many ways I've dreamed about making sweet love to you." Frey slid his fingertips down her spine to the small of her back and her knees buckled. He scooped her in his arms swiftly before she slipped on the floor, brought his mouth to her ear and whispered, "You are mine, Liese and I promise to show you."

This is a short story that can be downloaded for free on Inkspell website.
Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1) - Nina Lane Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Olivia and Dean's story. A couple with real problems that eventually drove them apart. By the end of the book they'd tortured themselves so much, my heart was breaking with every decision they made, or didn't make. And the ending!! Thank goodness Allure released today. I highly recommend this book! :) On to the second book.
Romancing the R.A. (Campus Crush, #1) - Ashelyn Drake Romancing the R.A. is the first novella in the Campus Crush series. And focuses on Noelle's first day on Campus, away from home, which meant making her own decisions, knowing how to handle herself and other people which is part of growing up and moving away from home.

This is a short, cure romantic story, and I look forward to the second book/novella. Would love to know where the story goes from there. :)
Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire First, I'd like to thank Netgalley for the review copy of Walking Disaster.

I read Beautiful Disaster sometime last year, and was really eager to read Walking Disaster. Watching the story unfold through Trevor's POV was a real treat. Trevor is quite intense, and more so when he meets Abby. To him, Abby is everything, enough for him to change his wayward ways. Abby is unlike any other girl he's ever met, and this makes him want her more, even if it just being friends. Being close to her.
Like in Beautiful Disaster, it was really great to see their relationship develop first to friends, then to lovers. Trevor's brothers and father. Loved how close they were, watching each other's back. Even though Trev's mom passed away years ago, I could see that it somehow brought them closer, watching out for each other.

For Trevor fans, Walking Disaster is a great story to really get to know him, see his struggles, his fears and finally understand why he acts the way he does. I highly recommend reading Beautiful Disaster first, where it all started and is written in Abby's POV, before reading this Walking Disaster.
A great read, and I look forward to reading Ms McGuire's other works. Highly recommended for lovers of contemporary romance.
Today Only - D. Love Today Only was a wonderful story focusing on Rye who finds love and friendship in the worst time of her life, which turns out to be the best time of her life. There are scenes that made me laugh, sigh in contentment (especially when Jett was around), and of course cry.
This is a very emotional story. It's raw and real.

I highly recommend this book.