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Rogue Hunter: Inquest

Rogue Hunter: Inquest - Kevis Hendrickson Oh, where to begin? A while back, I read one other book set in this awesome world Kevis has created, and enjoyed it, just like I enjoyed reading 'Inquest'. Wonderful descriptions and action scenes. So visual. I love the characters. Zyra, the heroine in this story, a bounty hunter is quite a character. Under all that toughness, she is complex and sensitive, carries lots of guilt of things she did before she became who she is. It was good to see a soft side of her - especially when she was around Mikaela.
Then there is Skringler. And wow. Talk about a cocky bad guy, and bad to the truest sense. I sort of liked him.. :D couldn't help it. Infact, I'm begining to think he was my favourite, right after Zyra. Anyway.
The end was .... unexpected. Brilliant. Kudos, Kevis. With that kind of ending, I look forward to the next book.