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The Bet - Rachel Van Dyken Ooh I enjoyed reading The Bet! :) The prologue was enticing enough for me to click the 'Buy' button on Amazon.
Kacey grew up around Jake and Travis. During their college years, she was involved with Jake. Only to realise he wasn't who she thought he was. On the other hand, Travis, poor young Travis just hovered in the background searching for ways to impress young Kacey. He knew Tracey loved princess stories, but how was one supposed to be a prince when there were no dragons to slay? - Travis words, not mine. So he resulted to causing trouble for Kacey so he could save her. And most of those antics backfired completely. Worst thing was, Kacey hated him for that, and to her, Travis was Satan himself.
Now all grown up, Kacey's come back home in pretense that she is Jake's fiancee, and meets Travis. His feelings for Kacey have intensified over the years.

Aw...this is a wonderful story. The dialogue was pure classic - loved it!

Rachel Van Dyken did a great job with this story and characters. If you're looking for a sweet friends-to-lovers (more enemies to lovers story) with a HEA, I highly recommend 'The Bet'.
The Hazrads of Skinny Dipping - Alyssa Rose Ivy **Thank you Alyssa Rose Ivy for the ARC of this book. :)**

This was a great, light read. I had fun following Juliet as she waded through the first semester of college. I loved Reed! Though I have to admit I wanted more visualization when it came to the love scenes. I kept waiting to see if Dylan would drop by, for Reed to fight for her. Some sort of conflict so she could earn her HEA. Just a little. Either way this was an enjoyable read. Was great to read another of Ms Ivy's books.

Look forward to reading more of her upcoming books.
Delirium - Susan Kaye Quinn Ok, I couldn't wait to get home from work to rate this story. Absolutely amazing, very original and I LOVED it. Man, oh, Susan. I need the next short like two weeks ago. :D Will write a proper review in a bit.

My advice? Grab this as soon as it's released.

Now I'm fit enough to write a coherent review.

First the cover, love it!

I loved Lirium! I sense there is more to him, which hopefully will be revealed in the next series. I'll definitely pick up the next serial. I really enjoyed the world Susan created. Great characterization. Vivid descriptions, plus a steamy scene -kissing- in there ;) Lirium +Apple Girl= Awesome. Hope she'll be in the next series.

The next installment releases in a few days. I'm looking forward to that. :)
Frailties of the Bond  (NEO Chronicles, Characters Revealed #1) - Angela     Brown Frailities of the Bond is a the first novella - NEO - Network of Extraordinaires and Otherwordlies - Chronicles. We enter Luca's world, see him suffer after losing a friend. The events that follow result to Luca finding out who he really is. This is a short story so I'm not sure how much to say without spilling out the plot details. It was really great to follow Luca on his journey of finding out who he really is. Was great fun meeting the other characters as well.
This is a wonderful beginning to the introduction to the NEO and I look forward to reading the next novella in the series.
You'll Be Safe Here (Promises, Prayers & Secrets Series, Book 1) - Kristine Pierce I received a copy of You'll Be Safe Here from the author through New Adult Book Club group here on Goodreads.

I really had a problem getting into the story. Too much hopping from past to present tense, and always in the same sentence. Some scenes were not realistic, especially how the characters reacted to situations.

This is not to say I will not read the author's future works. I will. It's just that You'll Be Safe Here didn't work for me.

I'd like to thank Kristine Pierce and the New Adult Book Club group for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
Collision Force - C.A. Szarek I had the pleasure of reading Collision Force late last year. One thing is for sure: The reader is in for a ride with this one.
Keeping Secrets in Seattle - Brooke Moss So glad I got to read Brooke Moss' Keeping Secrets in Seattle. And what a treat this story was!

I am a huge fan of Friends to Lovers stories. This one did not disappoint. Violet and Gabe have known each other since childhood. Somewhere in-between they fell in love (adorable) but something happened to pull them apart.

In later years they still kept in-touch, met up and managed to stay friends. Even though the flame was still burning. Too bad Gabe was about to get married.

This story was oh-my-gosh romantic, made me laugh, tear up and sigh. I could feel Gabe and Violet's conflict, desperation and love. One thing I really enjoyed is how Brooke Moss started each chapter with an entry of Violet's diary while she was still in high school. Eventually we got to find out what really happened to break Vi and Gabe up. Wow.

This is a a wonderful romantic story. I didn't want to stop reading this, until I'd peeled the layers and met the real Violet and Gabe.

Could we have Landon's story please Ms. Moss?

One of my favourite quotes:

He leaned away from me enough to gaze down into my eyes. "My place is with you. I don't care where that is. If you're there, it's my home, Vi."

Ah. Absolutely Perfect.
Taking Back Forever - Karen Amanda Hooper Ah, that cover! I read the first book. Look forward to this one. Oh, Nathan *swoon*
Down to You - M. Leighton Yeah. Wow. What a twist! And off to the next one.
The Star Child - Stephanie Keyes The Star Child is a fantastic story YA urban fantasy that delves into the world of Celtic Myths and faeries,.

Kellen St. James hasn't had an easy life, but hasn't let the events control his life either. Right after graduation he leaves the US for Ireland, and things take flight from there when he finally meets, Calienta, the girl who's been a regular feature in his dreams while growing up.

Through Kellen, we get to know the reason she appeared in his life, join him as he finds his true purpose, his calling.

The Star Child a wonderful read. Ms Keyes descriptions are vivid, the story very well written and fell in love with Kellen and Calienta. It was good to see Kellen finally accepted his purpose, didn't back down, and followed his heart. His love for Calienta. Looking for a story filled with adventure, action and romance? I highly recommend this book! I look forward to reading The Fallen Stars.
When Silver Moons Rise - KaSonndra Leigh I am really glad I got a chance to read When Silver Moon Rise, The second book in the immortal series, because this story was much more intense than the first one.

Faris is imprisoned in The Frozen Prison, and Chela is determined break him out. Along the way, she meets Seth, and they make a pact to head over to the Frozen Prison together, although Chela can't help but wonder if there is any hidden agenda behind Seth's actions.

This story is full of danger, adventure, romance, mystery. Everything a good story should have. Oh, and that ending!! Faris and Chela's reunion is all worth it after everything she's gone through as she fought her way to get to him. I can't wait to read the third book in the series.
Wallbanger - Alice Clayton Haha so Wallbanger was quite refreshing. Great characters and story. My favourite, Clive. I know, I know he is a cat, but was hilariuos!!
The Watcher - Lisa Voisin I really enjoyed reading The Watcher. Mia's life drastically changes when, not one, but two new boys enroll in her school. Michael and Damiel. Michael will do anything to protect her, while Damiel would do anything to make sure Michael and Mia's history doesn't repeat itself. Through Mia's POV, we watch as the story unravels, what happened thousand of years ago.
The relationship between Michael and Mia made me sigh throughout the book. It was that sighworthy. Beautiful. Damiel on the other side, was just wow! Scary guy.

This was a very romantic, engaging story with a happy ever after for my two favourite characters.
I look forward to reading more from Ms Voison. :)
Steel and Lace (Lace, #1) - Adriane Leigh I received this book from the FSOG group, Thank you!!:D

Ok, for the review. This was a short, quick read. And steamy. I did enjoy the story, but what bothered me most was that both characters had sex without protection. ( I read this part twice just to make sure what I was reading was true). In this day and age, I assume safe sex is priority. This particular point threw me off the story.
I'm curious to see how Carter and Eva get along in the second book, though.

Grasping at Eternity - Karen Amanda Hooper I love stories that feature soulmates and reincarnation.

I enjoyed reading Grasping at Eternity. I really loved how the characters interacted with each other, how the author displayed the bond among the Kindrily. And Nathan...what can I say... thank you Ms Hooper for giving us Nathan *sigh* I am very curious, and look forward to reading the second book, to know what really happened to Maryah for her to choose to erase.

This is a wonderful story, and highly recommend it.
Hollywood Holiday (Red Carpet, #2) - Sasha Summers Hollywood Holiday is a wonderful romantic story. I haven't read the first book in the series. I didn't need to. Ms Summers wrote this sequel in a way that one doesn't need to read the first book in order to read the second.
Jen is going back home after spending time in rehab. Inside the plane she meets Gunner, who is also flying to LA to visit his family. Jen has a phobia: She doesn't like flying. But the goodlooking man-Gunner-sitting next to her helps her through the turbulences until they arrive to LA.Gunner doesn't have any idea who Jen is, and knowing he might reject her, Jen decides not to tell him-For just a little bit longer.

Hollywood Holiday was a wonderful read. Ms Summers did a great job with the characters and the attraction between Jen and Gunner. Both characters have secrets that they fear if the other knows, they will be rejected. The characters in this story aren't perfect, and that is a good thing. Personally I don't like perfect characters. Flawed is way much better.

I look forward to reading more of Ms Summer's work.