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Subject to Change: 2 (Picturing Perfect) - Alessandra Thomas I LOVED this book. I thought I loved the first book in this series, turns out I loved this one more. Joey and Hawk, well lets just say they are one of the best couples out there (for me). Hawk is a guy trying to survive, be positive and attend classes while taking care of his rebellious sister and his own business. Joey is at crossroads about her choose major at the uni. They meet in a business class. At first glance, Hawk seems like he is the kind of guy who doesn't care much about stuff. A few chapters in the story, one realises he is more than tousled hair and gorgeous smile. He is a guy carrying the world on his shoulders, but doesn't let it pull him down.

I'm really a fan of Ms Thomas HEA endings. This one didn't disappoint.

I highly recommend this book!!