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My Life As A Lumberjack or How I Fell For the Wrong Guy(s) - Sara V. Olds "My pulse quickened to match his, and I realized that love wasn't about the movies. It wasn't about hoots of applause and heart-stopping fireworks. Those were great. Those were fun, but love, this love, my love, was quiet and secret and perfect."

WOW! I'm feeling quite giddy right now after reading this book. Sara V. Olds has just won me over with this YA contemporary.

From the first page, I adored Mercedes aka Benz. She's so funny and quirky and snarky. The fact that she made fun of her height just made her more endearing. (from one short person to another)
Trouble seems to follow her everywhere.

The boys:

Can I just say "Swoon-Worthy" doesn't even begin to describe them?

The romance takes a while to build, but when it does, my oh my! It left my heart beating. It took Mercedes one summer to realise the one person who loves her for she was, was the one person she's known all her life. This is a wonderful friends-to-lovers story, one of my favourite tropes.

"You're mine, Mercedes. I've been waiting a long time for you to be ready and now I'm not going to wait any longer. I'm claiming what's mine." ~ Conor's words when he finally decides to tell Benz how he feels about her.

Er...uh..yeah, where was I? Yep. I adored this book, and highly recommend it.