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Shadow Of The Witte Wieven

Shadow Of The Witte Wieven - Debbie Peterson I enjoyed reading Shadow of the Witte Wieven unique storyline . Aliyana works for the DEA, and she is almost wrapping up her case. Her case, to catch the Columbian drug lord Emil Mercado. She is working on the last minute details, collecting evidence which will ensure Emil's arrest. Upon completing this task she makes a run for it, only to find her source of transport, her bike missing. She hijacks Emil's plane - after kicking some butts along the way - and flies, escaping the guards and gunshots raining all around her.
Then something interesting happens. Without warning, the weather shifts suddenly and as she manouevre the plane, she crashes into rocks, losing consciousness.

When she later wakes up, she finds herself inside a lighthouse, and beside her the handsome Dutchman Captain Wolfaert, the captain of the Wieven.

Ms. Peterson weaved a truly wonderful story. The characters were an absolute treat.Aliyana is a strong character, self-sufficient. Inside that tough girl look and act, is someone who is sensitive, insecure when it comes to promises. After all what has happened to her with her family, I emphathised and understood her. Wolfaert, is just as lovable, a strong character who really complements Aliyana. The Wolf crew has a wonderful collection of characters as well, funny and loyal to their captain, and later Aliyana.

I highly recommend this book to fans of paranormal. It's unique and different, descriptions wonderfully done.