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When Copper Suns Fall - KaSonndra Leigh Thank you Ms. Leigh for giving me a chance to read this book. This is a wonderful story, starting with the beautiful cover to the essence of the story.
I enjoyed reading this book a lot, and now that I am through, I’m going to catch up on my sleep. That’s how good the book was as I read page after page, eager to know what happened next.

The story starts off slow as Ms. Leigh gives us a view of the world she has created. The story is built around a dystopian society where rules are the order of the day. Chela the 15 year old female protagonist is determined to find out what happened to her brother who has been lying in a coma for one year after an accident and infection of the glutovirus. As her 16th birthday draws closer, she stops taking her medication provided by the government thinking back on words her brother had warned her about the medications and is more resolute to investigate the events that might have led to her brother being where he is. She meets two boys; The mysterious Faris who has a secret of his own and becomes her Protector, and Seth who also has a secret of his own and wants her for his own purposes. They completely change the way she sees life, and leads to her finding out who she really is, the role she is meant to play in life and difficult choices she has to make.

Ms. Leigh created characters I fell in love with, even the minor characters in the story. Chela’s character development was well drawn out. At first we see a girl who abides by the rules and is shy, though determined. As the story advances, we catch a glimpse of her growth, as she realizes her full potential and fights to protect the people she loves, even with the huge responsibility hanging over her head.

I enjoyed how she weaved the story, her descriptions of the world through Chela’s senses.
I look forward to When Copper Suns Fall follow-up story and I highly recommend it.