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Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder Here be magic, betrayal, greed and love: Individuals possessing magic, each as lethal as the next.

Avry is a healer in hiding and one of her kind after other healers execution years back. She moves from one place to another to avoid being recognized. Unfortunately, she is unable to resist the urge to heal anyone who is sick. Her magic pulls her to them, to heal them, and when she heals, she has to leave the town in fear of being discovered what she is. One fateful day she heals a child, and come the next day she wakes up to find that she has been discovered. Unfortunately as she tries to escape, she is caught and thrown in jail.

Enter Kerrick, a man who has been searching for a healer for a long time. He rescues Avry from the jail in the hope of her healing his friend, who is infected with the Plague. Later when she realizes who she is to save, a Prince Ryne, a man she doesn’t care for following past events, she refuses completely.

On the other hand, Tohon, a powerful enemy of Prince Ryne and Kerrick, has put up a warrant and a reward for Avry for anyone who apprehends her. He knows she is the only one who can heal Prince Ryne. He sends out mercenaries and the ‘dead resurrected’ after her. Eventually when she meets Tohon for the first time, she realizes her weakness when it comes to his ability (magic); he awakens desire in her just by a mere touch of his hand and lips. He is in this to win, and to make her his.

Being a reader who inhales and exhales romance reading a book, I’d say the romance in this story is minimal. That did not stop me from enjoying the story from the first word to the last when I finally took a deep breath, and exhaled. Avry’s adventures, interaction between characters and the intriguing plot in general made up for everything. And when the romance happened, it was worth the wait, as sad as the situation was for both Kerrick and Avry. Really sweet and passionate. It was good to see Kerrick’s demeanor soften after finally revealing his feelings.

There was not a moment I got bored while reading. That is how good the pacing and plot of this story was. I am looking forward to the sequel. Recommended to readers who appreciate a wonderful fantasy story, along with a strong MC.