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Always You - Shilpa Mudiganti First of all, points for the cover. As a reader who loves a good book wrapped up in a gorgeous cover, this on is right up there on my list.

Always You is a story about love, hurt and misunderstanding, forgiveness.
Lyla is engaged to Nick. Her life seems to be going ok, until Alex, her former ex makes an appearance - namely, them working together on a project at work - upsetting the life she had built for herself after their break-up, as well as memories of their time together five years ago.

Lyla's character is still hurting from what she thinks Alex *swoon* did five years ago, Alex is haunted by memories, and is still very much inlove with Lyla. And he wants her back.

Ms. Mudiganti did a good job of weaving the past through flashbacks, and tied all strings in the story together, ending with wonderful Happy Ever After that left me smiling, happy for the Alex and Lyla. I highly recommend this novella to anyone who enjoys a good romance. It's a wonderful, fast read.