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Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson (Blind Sight, #1 Aniela) - Eliabeth Hawthorne When I started reading the book, I thought and still think that Blind Sight is a very original idea (I can't remember reading any book with such a concept) about an island (Edaion) hosting people with different gifts.

Story begins with a prologue introducing the Dawsons, the royal family in Edaion. Being the youngest of three children, Princess Aniela struggles to find her place in the family, and as she gets older we see how her mother favours her over her older sister, Tatiana, which creates tension between Aniela and her sister. She goes around her daily chores, doing what her mother demands of her, at the same time trying to find who she is.

She meets Odette and Leocardo, new arrivals at the island. Odette, who is blind, has an unusual gift that has both Leo and Aniela researching, uniting them in finding what kind of gift Odette possess.

There were times some things happened and I had to go back and reread to actually see if I missed anything, enough to pull me out of the story. I would really have loved to know more about Aniela though.Recommended for fans of fantasy stories.