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Waiting to Forget - Sheila Kelly Welch

The story is told from T.J.'s POV, a twelve year old boy. I have to say this is one of the saddest, yet beautiful stories I've ever read. It opens up with T.J sitting in the hospital's waiting room, anxious to know his sister's condition. The story tells about the kind of life T.j and his sister have lived, moving from one foster home to another. One minute their life's going so well, you can feel the joy spreading through T.J through his thoughts, and the next, that life is yanked from under his feet, and him and sister are spiralling to direction.

The really enjoyed Ms. Welch unsual writing style. The chapters begin with the words "then, between, now". Ms. Welch tells the story about T.J.'s past life, flits back to the present and in between, all the while maintaining the suspense on what really happened to T.J's little sister, Angela. I cannot really express how much I loved this book. One has to really read it and find the gems within, experience the emotional rollercoaster.

I highly recommend this book. I really look forward to reading more work from the author.