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Beckoning Light: The Afterglow Trilogy - Alyssa Rose Ivy Beckoning Light is written in two POVs, Charlotte and her brother, Kevin.

Charlotte is a normal teenage girl, or so she thinks until things start happening, spurning the story forward sailing the reader through the world of Energo, a world completely different than our own, where Charlotte discovers things about her, and the nature of who and her brother are.

Kevin, first enters energo in seearch of his sister, accompanied by his uncle Monty and his best friend, Liam. - Liam's loyalty is astounding. Makes me wish I'd have a friend like him. Kevin also discovers who he is, and the power within him.
I really enjoyed reading this story from the first sentence "We were flying over Canada when the panic set in. to the last sentence "Don't worry Charlotte. No matter what everyone else sees, you will always have the afterglow." The story is suspense and romance, a wonderful combination, and enjoyed the how the descriptions were done.

Alyssa Rose Ivy did a wonderful job with Energo's worldbuilding, as well as portraying each character's traits. This is the first book in beginning a wonderful series, and I am looking forward to continue Perilous light where Beckoning Light left off.