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Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (Pregnancy & Passion, #3) - Maya Banks Devon'S marriage to Ashley is one of convinience. In order for Devon to merge Tricorp hotels with Copeland's he should marry Ashley. Ashley's father is willing to marry her off to Devon. Later on, during their honeymoon, she comes across evidence of what had transpired between her father and Devon,though at this time Devon has seriously began to like her, like her bubbly personality. He realises this as he notices the change in her. Ashley tries to change herself to fit the kind of woman she thinks Devon wants as a wife. It was really sad to see her going through this, suffering.
Later Devon, after realising how much he hurt her, tells her he wants her back, her real self. The real Ashley. It was good to see this transformation, from a man who was only interested in what he would gain materially, to one who is hopelessly inlove with someone who, at first meant nothing to him, but a way to enhance his business.

Really looking forward to read more from the author.