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Zed (Zed, #1) - Stephen Herfst First of all, Thanks you Stephen and Making Connections for giving me a chance to read this book. I've never read any Zombie books, so when I saw Stephen's book offered for review, and after reading the book summary, I signed up.

Zed. He is a zombie, loves GI boots, loves to read, can count to 13, and has upgraded his shuffle to a stride, mastered it to perfection. That's what he thinks until Chase, a fiery teen girl and also a 'zee' hunter comes along and insults his stride.

Once Chase discovers Zed is not the average zombie, zed's life changes.

Zed's world is full of dangers from hunters who like to take zombies as trophies, activists, and converted zombies called Gumbies. Some work in the malls, food courts.

Chase and Zed's road trip adventure was a hilarious. To see how the relationship between the two grows, how they depend on each other for survival was a real treat.

Love zombie stories? I'd highly recommend Stephen Herfst's book. And I really look forward to reading the next book in the Zed and Chase adventure.