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Poughkeepsie - Debra Anastasia
Oh, wow! Just finished reading Poughkeepsie, went back and started rereading lines that I had highlighted on my kindle - all spoken by Blake. He is without doubt one of the most romantic book boyfriends I've ever read about.

This book is told in several character POVs, each character as different as the next. They are deliciously flawed and possess traits that redeem them.
The story starts of with Livia. Everyday, on her way to work at the train platform, she smiles at everyone including the homeless man and a gentleman in every sense of the word (Blake) who's always there, sitting, waiting and watching her with his Green Eyes. For Blake, Livia's smiles are everything to him. And he counts them. Every.Smile.She.Has.Ever.Bestowed.On.Him. He has totalled them up. How romantic is that?
As the story progresses we meet Blake's brothers (not blood brothers, but in my opinion stronger: bound together by their past. Beckett who is like the bad boy in all ways, gangster,and the words that tumble out of his mouth shocked me and made me laugh, at the same time. Cole the brooding and intense priest assistant with a disturbing past.
And then there is Kyle, Livia's sister who has self-esteem problems among other flaws, Mouse, Beckett's bodyguard and loves knitting and Eve a woman who seeks revenge on Beckett for destroying an important part of her life.

Ms Anastasia weaved the intricate details in the story so well, dropping in hints about the characters pasts and shedding light on why they were the way they were. Later when everything was all said and done, I understood the loyalty, love and devotion they had to one another. Fantastic. Loved the Happy Ever After. I'd have really wanted to know what happened to Beckett though.

Last paragraph:
"Livia, the luck belongs to me," he whispered. "The kindness belongs to you. One lifetime will never be enough for us."

This is truly a story about unlikely love and soulmates, overcoming fear, and following one's heart.

Thank you Basically Books for this review copy. I wouldn't have known about Poughkeepsie if it wasn't for this group.