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Timepiece - Myra McEntire Timepiece picks up where Hourglass left off. Only this time, the story is told in a different character's point of view, one of my favourites. Kaleb. In Hourglass, he seems like this extremely goodlooking bad /tortured boy. In timepiece we see his side of the story, the reason he acts the way he does.He feels guilty for not being able to take the pain from his mother when his father dies. And now that his father was saved and pulled through time to the present, he seems to consult more with Michael than him (Kaleb)That leaves him feeling left out.

We finally get to meet the people behind the organisation Chronos when one of them appears and gives them an ultimatum to make sure they find the elusive Jack. Jack on the other side, is desperately searching for the Infinityglass which would help him go back to the past. In the meantime, since time is messed by the back and forth of time travelling, the frequency of the rips has increased.

Kaleb's voice is portrayed so well, his struggles, him falling inlove with Lily, Emerson's bestfriend - which was just awesome, and the kind of character he is: the kind of person who takes care of others first before even thinking about himself.

The pacing was perfect, the action non-stop. It was good to see Emerson and Michael around. Kaleb and Lily's romance was believable and really sweet.

Jack is still on the prowl. Look forward to reading Infinity Glass.