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The Carny - Brooke Moss
A kiss is just a kiss--- or is it? How powerful/memorable is a kiss? Good enough to last a few seconds, an hour, ten years...

Charlotte Davenport and Vincent Youngblood story begins with a kiss when she and her two friends visit the local carnival. The first time she meets Vincent (Vin) and the last time she sees him until ten years later.
Seasons change, and since the story is written in Charlotte's POV, we see what she went through in the last six months. Then the carnival rolls back to town,and this time with Vin. Sparks fly. They pick up from where they left off but this time as adults.
Oh, Vin. He's truly swoon-worthy, patient, and had so much weighing him down, but that didn't stop him from getting what he desired, and in my opinion, he deserved.

Vincent and Charlotte's HEA was pure bliss, after all they went through.

Ms. Moss wrote a really touching story about love, prejudices, misunderstandings, second chances at love and finally acceptance. I really enjoyed reading The Carny. I look forward to reading more from Brooke Moss