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Something Witchy This Way Comes - Veronica Blade The story is written in two POVs: Tessa and Haden’s.
Hayden is summoned to the high school’s new principal’s office, and is enlisted to be Tessa’s bodyguard while on school grounds. The Principal believes Tessa is in danger. Hayden resists this offer, but with a little convincing from the principal, he reluctantly agrees.
Tessa on the other hand wonders why she requires a bodyguard, and even much worse, that it has to be Hayden –He is known as the love them leave them kind of guy, with a reputation of fighting and bullying other students. Eventually she finds out from the principal that she is a sorceress. She also finds out the principal isn’t who people think he is. And that there are two factions who are vying to recruit her to join their ranks, and pursue her relentlessly.
As the story progresses, Tessa learns how to control her newfound powers, and Hayden finds himself falling for Tessa and becomes very protective of her. Tessa on the other hand, doesn’t trust him, and she has had a bad experience with her former boyfriend. She discovers beneath all that bad boy impression Hayden proudly displays, there is something more to him. As much as she tried how she feels about him, she finds herself falling for him. Around each other’s constant company, she discovers something about Hayden that completely changes his life.
As her eighteenth birthday approaches, she knows she has to choose one group.
This was a great story. I found myself sympathizing with both Hayden and Tessa for what they’ve gone through. I highly recommend this book.