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Thief - Ava March One night can change everything. At least for Lord Benjamin who is determined to find out if he prefers men, which in itself is brave of him being a Lord and everything, considering the time period. Then he meets Cavin, sexy, handsome and makes his heart race a hundred miles a minute. After spending a night together, Cavin who is also in a mission, unknowingly to Benjamin, finds it completely difficult to complete his mission and sneaks out of the room. But Fate knows how to play her cards right. Cavin discovers that during his sneakery, he had mistaken his Ben jacket for his, and has to confront to return it.

The differences in their class in society makes this an almost impossible relationship Benjamin living in his town house, servants appear just by snapping his fingers. Cavin on the other side lives on the other side of town, earning his daily bread in dubious ways. Although he has led this kind of life all his life, it hasn't tainted him. One can see the way he treats Sam, one of the boys living under Hale's roof. Like his little brother he never had. Benjamin, on the other side, is kind and generous, and will do anything for Cavin, even when Cavin feels like he doesnt deserve it.

Overall, this was a wonderful, steamy read, I look forward to reading more from Ava March, and also the Brook Street series.