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Hacienda Moon - KaSonndra Leigh First of all, I'd like to thank the author for giving me a chance to read and review her latest book.

Hacienda Moon is equal parts romance and spooky (in a good way). I loved it!

The main characters in the book:
Tandie's world is shattered when she loses her baby girl in an accident after a truck rams into them throwing them off a bridge. She survived, her child dies. She picks the pieces of her life, and after going through divorce from her husband moves to Bolivia, North Carolina and starts her life afresh.

Eric Fontalvo is a contractor, goodlooking and knows his way around a broken house. He has been hired to do repairs in Chelby Rose, a house rumoured to be haunted. At first he is cautious, at the same time finds himself pulled toward the beautiful woman, and the new owner of Chelby Rose. He has secrets that date as far back as 250 years.The only way for him to solve whatever that haunts his family is by getting closer to the woman now ocuupying the house where it all began.

Saul Chelby is the owner of the Chelby Rose, the house passed on to him by his father. It has been in his family for centuries, within it's confines secrets that hold three families in its web. He is mysterious, goodlooking and lives the kind of lifestyle that tends to raise eyebrows. And there is a reason he feels so attracted to the woman he just rented the plantation house Chelby Rose.

Then there are side characters who are just as interesting and important and at times spooky. They are weaved in the story to form larger picture of the story.

The story begins with Tandie's loss. We follow her as she moves from New York, as she begins to glue the pieces of a past that tangles with her present together, then as she falls inlove. And finally her happy ever after - for now. KaSonndra wraps the story well, leaving no threads hanging. At one point, I asked myself what happened to his friend, Virgil, for him to behave the way he did? Maybe a small hint from either Abby or Eric would solve that riddle.

I highly recommend this book. If has all the elements to keep the reader turning the pages. Ghosts,curses, witches, exact dose of romance.